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F350 Super Duty
Vehicle Mileage: 103 Kilometers
Purchase Price: $0.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
I have an all black 6.4L FX4 with color matched bumpers and wheel flares, I changed FX4 grill to a chrome xlt one, I added a dual exit same side magna flow dpf back exhaust with 5" tips, I dropped a green intake filter in, and run Petro duron 10 W syntrhetic oil and amsoil diesel fuel additives . I get 20 mpgs hw cruisin at a steady 65/70 mph and pure city driving I'm gettin 15 mpg. I have a fully loaded interior with upgraded tweeters in the front and 2 way speakers in the front door with the rest of the stock audiofile upgraded system. I have all options except for the nav and dvd system, rapid heat and the upgraded rear veiw mirror and info centre. The truck has been a reliable beast and beside a good amount of warranty work, only a egr valve that left me stranded one time , iv only paid for 1 set of brakes, a lot of oil, oil fuel and air filters, some body work and my set of micheline at2 's. Toys cost money but after 3 years iv finally broke er in to the point that iv found my groove with her and I'm lookin forward to havin it for as long as it lives I can't wait to have 5 or 6 hundred thousand clicks on her and see this engine get the respect it deserves.


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