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2-tone Silver/Platinum
Platinum Edition 4x4 w/ towing
As I understand it, this truck was totaled, but I don't know the extent of the damage. I purchased it with 159k miles on it, and it seemed like only good thing about the truck was the new set of tires, the $3k worth of bumpers, and the power plant. Everything else seemed like it had been taken apart and put back together by a shade-tree mechanic, with no motivation to get it done right.
I'm now in the process of bringing the truck back up to par, and this site has been my number one source of information, for making that happen.
2001 Ford F250 (2-tone Silver/Platinum)


7.3 Turbo Diesel... 5" Exhaust, Air-Raid Cold-Air Intake, Fuel Modifications (stronger fuel pressure spring, removed filters (not the screen) in the sending unit in the tank, Hutch and Harpoon, removed plunger from fuel filter housing.
I don't know if there is any programming on the truck or not, and unfortunately, there's no way of knowing. I'm assuming not.
Platinum Edition heated leather seats, using various shades of grey and silver trim.
All 4 door locks are toast (engineering flaw with these Ford actuators, but completely fixable... sortof)
The Platinum Edition truck is missing the signature platinum windshield visor, but it now has super monster heavy duty bumpers put on it. I honestly don't have any idea what they are, but I feel like they are what a person would probably think of, when thinking of a big Texas rancher's bumpers (larger than the large $1500 ones from Ford).
When I purchased the truck, the radio was missing, but I can see that the speakers in the door are, at a minimum, a high-quality-looking set of speakers.
My hope is to get something with a 7" touch-screen display, a Sirius puck, GPS puck, back-up camera, and a user-friendly iPhone interface. I need to find that all for around $20.00... Maybe I can push the budget up to about $30.00, for the right unit. May take a few decades, but I'm sure it'll come around sooner or later.
4x4 Stock Suspension w/ electronic engagement, locking front hubs
Wheel and Tire
Stock Lariat wheels, bigger tires (need a programmer to correct the tire size)


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