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  1. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I just wanted to share this even though this has been covered before on here. I got tired of my old lift bracket not lifting the cylinder head off a 3406 E or C 15 level so I designed and built a new one. If the pictures loaded correctly you can see I put slots in it so you can easily change...
  2. Medium and Heavy Duty
    can someone please get this massage to Mr.Haney I don't have a post count to massage him any help would be much appreciated thanks hi Mr Haney* looking for help with picking a cam, I was looking at the 800hp and 1000hp. i have a 3406e 2ws 475hp with 350,000 on cat inframe. head is off do to...
  3. Introductions
    I was told this is a good place to get info on Cat engines. I am looking for ways to get higher HP out of my 3406E in my 1995 COE freightliner. Anyone have any ideas? I an running about 430 now and want to get to 600. ID
  4. Medium and Heavy Duty
    3406E 6TS It is driving me creasy, I had diesel in the coolant so I replace the O rings. But when I test drove it the turbo never past more than 5 lbs of boost.:wtf Here is what I did, remove the injectors and sleeves clean them intall new O rings and put them back in the head I then...
  5. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Sorry this is so long but I’m having a problem with a 3406E 5EK engine. When you hear this thing running it sounds and feels like it has a miss. It is most notable idling around 900 rpm or about anytime driving down the road and engine is warmed up. It started one day and steadily got worse...
  6. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Peterbilt to Cat harness question. Had a broken wire Pete #337 from main breaker on frame to engine harness, but I cannot see where in the engine it goes. On the pete side it has a fuseable link. Do not see a number 337 on a cat harness.
  7. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Had to have replaced another injector rocker on my 7CZ. Any one having problems?
  8. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Any one know the reason some turbos have a divider and some do not. My Holeset does not fit well to PDI manifold.
  9. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I'm doing my first 3406E, I've done several smaller some cat, some others, but this is my first 3406. To start 5EK 550 with 1.27M with a cracked head. To the issue at hand, I'm torquing the head bolts (200,333,333 right?), ok the first round went fine, 1st and 2nd 333 went fine, the third kept...
1-9 of 9 Results