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  1. General Wanted
    Hi, looking for the Edge Attitude EAF2205 version 4.0 Hopefully somebody out there has one or knows of one for sale.
  2. Vendor Deals
    This is out of the same truck we are doing that 12v conversion into. I have a nearly brand new Edge Juice Attitude, Platinum version for all 6.0 Powerstrokes. It has a manufacture date of 8-5-08. New these run about $875, you can pick this one up for far less. Includes thermalcouple and...
  3. Whats Been Sold
    '03 Dodge Edge Juice with Attitude plus Pillar Mount I had to sell my truck :bang: so I am offering my '03 Dodge Edge Juice with Attitude for sale. The pillar mount will be included. It is less than 6 months old and works perfect. This was a GREAT programmer and increased my horsepower and fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results