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  1. 2003-2007 6.0 Tuner Forum
    Okay, I after reading all the posts, I am ready to make the call to Eric @ Innovative and get a SCT X3 with the 3 custom tunes. It is my daily driver and I pull a 10,000 pound Sprint Car Trailer on the weekends... I have an AirRaid intake and Banks Monster exhaust without Cat. With the...
  2. 5.9L Cummins (2003-2007.5)
    Could anyone tell me what my injection control pressure should be? Here's a little about my truck: 2004 1 ton 4x4 BullyDog Triple Dog downloader w/ outlook monitor 5" stacks everything else is stock My problem is, after getting the latest update from BullyDog, it recomended the flash update...
1-2 of 2 Results