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  1. Diesel Conversion
    Well first things first, hello everyone, my name is Stefan and I hope to be welcomed. Here is my predicament. I recently purchased a 7.3L Powerstroke that I had originally planned to rebuild and replace the current 7.3L I have in my 97 F-250. However, my uncle confronted me and wondered if I...
  2. Diesel Conversion
    I am sick to death of the poor fuel economy and lack of power in my Pacifica. But, my wife just LOVES the car, so I am contemplating a diesel conversion. Has anyone here ever done one of these, or know where I should start? By my understanding the Pacifica is a Mercedes Benz, so I was...
  3. Cummins in Fords
    So here's the deal guys, We get between 20-50 calls a day regarding Cummins conversions. About 20 of those we price out all of the parts for a customer to do the work themselves. About 5-10 of them we price out all of the parts and labor for us to do the conversion for the customer. About 5 are...
  4. Cummins in Fords
    I've got a 1991 12v in a 2005 F250. I utilized the 5R110 with a PCS controller. Has anyone got a file or some suggestions on tuning this thing? Also I'm only getting 10-11 MPG!! Any suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results