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  1. / Neal Technologies
    We've been hearing horror stories about EcoDiesel owners having EGR coolers fail...and Ram not having enough replacement stock on hand to meet demand. With that in mind, we built, tested, and now offer a BulletProof EGR cooler for the EcoDiesel. It features the exclusive, patented H-Core™...
  2. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I,ve got a 2006 4300 with a dt466 EGR Engine.When I try to start it it just spins over a long time and some time I have to use starting fluid.And when it does start it has a very large amount of black smoke with a very bad idle,I have done a complete service,also scan for DTC,sfound code 346...
  3. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Well I finally took my EGR off my ISX 530. I bought a new ECM with a mild upgrade in power and torque. I kept my VGT turbo since it only had about 75,000 miles. Today was my first day with it and it is great. Good power, and most impressivly is the mileage. About 6/10s better. Thank You PDI
  4. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Does anyone have any info on PDI parts? I am thinking about taking my EGR and VGT turbo off of my 530 ISX and wanting alittle information about PDI. I know what they say (more power, better fuel mileage, longer life, no more EGR troubles). It is alot of money. Is it money well spent?
  5. Ford Parts
    Hi, we're new on this forum, but were referred by someone from PSN. We have an 05 6.0L block with crank and cam that is in excellent working order for sale. We have no use for it and have already sold the heads, turbo, injectors, etc....This block has 70K miles on it. We also have an HPOP...
  6. 2003-2007 6.0L Power Stroke
    I recently upgraded my EGR cooler to Bulletproof Diesel's aftermarket version, along with an oil cooler rebuild. After all of this I am experiencing a hissing from the V-clamp on the y-pipe to turbo connection. Is there a gasket that i may have lost during the procedure? I lost the spring on...
  7. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I have a 2006 Cummins ISX rated at 530hp and 1850ft.lbs. torque. I am fairly pleased with everything this motor does. It has 197,000 miles on it now and cummins has paid for 2 egr valves and 1 turbo under warranty. Well now it is no longer covered under warranty and I am getting nervous about...
  8. 2003-2007 6.0L Power Stroke
    Hey everyone. This is my first "business" post as opposed to the "greeting" post. Some background... I bought an '05 Ex Lmtd w/ 100K on it last November. I had planned on going thru the truck before using it much but my daily driver broke so I've been using the Ex for about 8K mi. The EGR...
1-8 of 9 Results