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  1. 7.3L and 6.9 IDI (Pre 1994)
    i am simply looking for aftermarket braided injector lines to replace the steal ones... has anyone found any or know where to find any at? thanks Brandon
  2. 7.3L and 6.9 IDI (Pre 1994)
    Alright so here is my situation, the other day i replace all 8 glow plugs in my 1986 F-250 With a 6.9 IDI diesel and when i started it up again there was a ticking sound coming from the engine. I was told that it could be a piece of one of the old glow plugs in the cylinder. I drove it around...
  3. Ford Parts
    I have a Reviva complete drop in engine for a 1988-1992 Ford F250 or F350 for sale It is in the Phoenix area. This not a Powerstroke diesel engine This is a 7.3 IDI It has never been installed & is on the factory shipping stand Complete Drop-In Includes: • Long Block • Oil pan & pickup tube...
1-3 of 3 Results