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  1. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Cummins is saying that the ISX liners need to have the brass shim to prevent the liners from fretting in the block. I think that is a facade to cover up the fact that there sometimes there is nothing to center their repair shims, when cutting the counterbores. That brass shim that comes on the...
  2. Medium and Heavy Duty
    To those of you who would like to eliminate the brass shim which now comes on ISX liners from new. I have a stainless steel shim to replace the brass shim. The block counterbore needs to be machined, to use my shims. A lot of counterbores are worn down on the right side, and should be machined...
  3. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I have a 2006 ISX cummins 530 hp with 433,000 miles on it. It is an EGR motor. Problem is lately since weather has started to cool up motor will sometimes loss boost of about 10 lbs and exhaust temp will climb to 1000 to 1100 degrees. You might drive 5 miles and it comes out of it. You will...
  4. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Well I finally took my EGR off my ISX 530. I bought a new ECM with a mild upgrade in power and torque. I kept my VGT turbo since it only had about 75,000 miles. Today was my first day with it and it is great. Good power, and most impressivly is the mileage. About 6/10s better. Thank You PDI
  5. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Does anyone have any info on PDI parts? I am thinking about taking my EGR and VGT turbo off of my 530 ISX and wanting alittle information about PDI. I know what they say (more power, better fuel mileage, longer life, no more EGR troubles). It is alot of money. Is it money well spent?
  6. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I have a 2006 Cummins ISX rated at 530hp and 1850ft.lbs. torque. I am fairly pleased with everything this motor does. It has 197,000 miles on it now and cummins has paid for 2 egr valves and 1 turbo under warranty. Well now it is no longer covered under warranty and I am getting nervous about...
  7. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I'm still learning how to navigate here. Everyone here seem to know their stuff. I bought a new Pete 378 in Sept. 2006. It runs great if it is about 75 degrees or colder outside. It has the larger radiator in it. The damn engine fan won't hardly shut off if you have the ac on. It doesn't have...
1-7 of 7 Results