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  1. 7.3L and 6.9 IDI (Pre 1994)
    I have a 1993 f250 7.3 that we just replaced the IP pump on thinking it would solve the the issue of not getting fuel , hard starts , and a bad almost loping and random surges , if you went over 55 it seemed to solve the issue for a little bit then when you slowed down it would try to die at a...
  2. 5.9L Cummins (1998.5-2002)
    well here we go again .truck runs great going down the road,and when you put it to the floor to pass a car or play there is no power and then it comes on like if you turn the switch on,no codes any ideas ho pump new bout 3 k miles raptor 150 lift pump new apps sen new map sen jim jessup tune...
1-2 of 2 Results