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  1. General Ford Truck and Excursion
    Truck: 2014 F350 quad cab short box with stock "snowplow" springs. Suspension updates: Rough Country 1.5" taller front springs, Bilstein 5100 shocks all around. Impressions: Much better over stock ride in terms of comfort, plushness, 4x4 - dirt road potholes. Still pulls my 16k 5th wheel great...
  2. General Diesel
    I drive a 2006 ce200 international school bus. I have noticed every morning before i crank it up, the rear suspension airbags are completely deflated while the other buses airbags are still inflated. As of late my bus seems like its leaning to the right side. the right airbag looks like its not...
1-2 of 2 Results