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  1. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Trying to compare intervals between the two and can't find any meaningful info. I see that Volvo says up to 35k, but what are the specifics? How do they break down Light, Medium and Severe duty? What are the intervals in hours? Same thing with the Paccar (DAF) MX, can't find anything...
  2. Medium and Heavy Duty
    Hi, Do you have any good reports on any of Volvo's classic diesel trucks and buses and their associated engines - especially those units made during the time when Freightliner had handled North American distribution (before it bought the bankrupt White Motor Corporation in 1979; after...
  3. Medium and Heavy Duty
    I just got back with a 2000 volvo and I am having trouble shifting the 9 speed. Gears 5 thru 8 are ok if I remember to keep the rpm's right but if I am trying to start off in 3rd the transmission just grinds. It is just a cab chassis until I mount the boom. Is there a way to start off in 3rd...
1-3 of 3 Results