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190,000 and counting miles
6.6 Duramax LB7
Stage 2 afe air intake
5” exhaust 6”tip
PPE boost valve
BD (driver side) exhaust manifold
EFI live V2
High idle setup on cruise control buttons
I haven’t had the injectors replaced, and I don’t know if they were replaced before I bought the truck. I can get any readings from EFI live if that will help you determine what condition they are in.
FASS 150
PPE fuel tank modification
newer alternator
newer batteries
new fuel filter and oil change

TRANSMISSION (installed at 185,000 miles)
Stage 3 ATS installed by Kyle at Crank It Up Diesel on 8/10/2009
ATS Stage 3 600+ HP
Increased towing capability, Power holding to 600+ hp, Competition street/strip & sled pulling.
ATS Five Star Torque Converter
ATS Copilot:
Increases clutch pack apply pressure via electronicly controlled adjustable on the fly computer system. Will force T/C lockup after 1-2 shift & maintain lockup between shifts when in race mode. It only apply's pressure when needed based off MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) and TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) .
ATS Non-vented Clutches:
C1-16 Friction single sided
C2-14 Friction, 7 clutch (Comes with new machined P1 Drive Flange, HD torington bearing & Snap ring)
C3-12 Friction, 6 clutch (Comes with machined pressure plate, lower spring plate, steel planetary shim, new bonded modified piston & 1 extra thick steel to adjust clearance)
C4-12 Frictioin, 6 clutch (Comes with lower spring plate, new bonded modified piston & 1 extra thick steel to adjust clearance)
A-Trim & B-Trim shift valves
Internal & External Filters
Pump Gaskets
Transfer case gasket
ATS Pump Kit:
Pressure regulator valve & spring (Increases main line pressure and eliminates 5th gear pressure reduction, works on LB7 & LLY)
Pump Gaskets
Converter hub seal and o-ring
A-Trim & B-Trim shift valves
Internal & External Filters
Extension housing gasket
Transfer case gasket

285/75/16 Load D range Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ with 70% tread left
2” steel rear wheel spacer by Fred (from California, great guy, great product)
Factory 1 ton setup with addition of Cognito’s upper control arms and ball joints.
Crank It Up Diesel’s aftermarket center link and tie rod sleeves.
Fixed gooseneck ball in the bed.

Loaded! LT package
Heated fully adjustable leather seats
3 pod pillar ISSPRO gauge setup ( fuel pressure, boost, egt)
Straight and clean, with only a few minor scratches and dings

Located in Franklin, IN

$18,000 with laptop
$17,000 without

Photo's can be seen here:

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Injectors were replaced in 2005 at 83,000. Have documentation to prove it.
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