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Sudden Performance broght thier Mustang Dyno to the Morgan's Corner All Diesel Pull Sat. night!

I couldn't resist and spend the $50

@[email protected] / 783.5FtLb@[email protected] 9/29/07 9:46PM

Cool night just perfect about
56.5 °F 90% RH

Jody Tipton is the man! :bow: Note his 100HP is my top program!

Only added was a $20 pressure regulator in the map line and the high dosage of DeiselKleen.

2002 F250 XLT XCSB 4x4, 3.73, 305's, AIS, AIH Delete, (VDH5) 4pos DP Tuner Stock, Grunt, 80E, PLAY (7/05):)BTS-VB, Schaeffer's 204SAT All Trans Supreme, 4" MBRP (no muffler 1st 6 mo.), Autometer Ultralites (EGT, Boost,Trans), BD Cool Down Timer, Hutch, Pre-Pump, Harpoon and whatever mods (Quieter & 3 more Gallons!)
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