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03 CR oil leak

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:usflagLooking for info, installed an 03 Cr in my 03 F250, engine had 130k very minor oil leaks at rocker cover I replaced rocker cover and valve cover gaskets before i installed the engine, I used 5w40 shell rotella synthetic, I drove it 300 miles, and oil is coming through the injector plug up front,it apears to be coming right through around the wires, any thought or direction on repairing this problem would be great, Thanks in advance for any help.:usflag
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Did you install head studs? And did you clearance the aluminum cover for the back studs?
No I did not put studs, just replaced the gasket, is the 5w40 to thin? just came back from a drive and theres more leaks, this engine was almost dry when I removed it. now its leaking alot.
It was the vavle cover gasket don't know how or why but there was a divit in the gasket replaced it again yesterday, looks ok now, Thanks for the help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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