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Up forsale is my dad's '04.5 dodge Cummins QCSB 2wd with an automatic transmission. He doesn't want to keep it for himself and I want a 4x4 so it's gotta go...

Located in Maxey, TX which is in the northeast part..
Price is $11,000 OBO.

146K Miles - still driving it so they will add up...
BD Exhaust Manifold - replaced because stock warped
50+ injectors - replaced when stocks went out
2" raise up front to level it out some
Took the two little blocks out from between the leaves and axle and put them up top to drop the back
285-70-17 Nitto Terra Grapplers - condition is pictured below

It's a pretty straight, good truck, it's got some minor scratches and dings, with some more noticeable ones.. It runs and drives great, still the original transmission which is GREAT for these! The only 2 problems I can think of with the truck are the A/C, got it checked out and wouldn't take freon so not totally sure what, and the turbo, which is pushing only 20-22 psi normally, not sure if it's the gauge or what because it's not gotten any worse in the last 10-15K miles and still seems pretty quick. I've got plenty of pictures below, if you have any questions, send me a PM or reply to the thread...

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