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04 F-350 12v

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So i started pulling the motor about a week ago and i just about finished it up today. Here are some pics.

Starting to pull it out.


New to me 12v with 143k

Then i cleaned the motor did away with the stock lifter pump and other things. Built the alt and a/c mounts.

Next i was thinking about taking my power steering lines apart and bringing them to a shop to have new ones made. But after looking at them i didn't need to get new ones made after all. The factory dodge has the same fitting as the ford line at the hydro boost.

I took that line off and put thedodge one in its place.

I just had to straighten out the line a lil bit and it fit great.

Next i got the flywheel from a friend and got the bearing put in by a machine shop. I called south bend clutch and the man that handles all the engine swap stuff told me this is exactly what they do. It is a 6205 bearing and just about any bearing shop or oreilly's has it. At oreilly's its more expensive and the part# number is a 205FF.

Finally my adapter plate came in from destroked and i was able to drop the motor in place.

Ill get more pics and update tommorrow im tired and ready for bed!!! Let me know what yall think.
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It really was not as bad as i thought. It took me about a week from start to finish all i did prior was pull the wiring harness and build it up. The only thing i have left to do is the down pipe waiting on mine to show up.
Thanks for the words guys. I was kinda going for the look if someone pops the hood i want them to say man it looks like that thing came like this from the factory? I didn't paint it i left it paint chipping but its clean. I wanted to look like an older truck.

Here are some pics of the engine mounts they were really easy to make. I used the mounts from a 89-93 12v they were like $16 a pop and have a lifetime waranty. i made everything out of 5/16" plate. First i drilled out the plate that bolts to the engine. Four holes for that. Then i cut my plate out for the top of the mount 3.5"x4"; then drilled a hole for the center stud of the motor mount. Next i drilled a hole in the factory cross member. Bolted the engine plate in place then the motor mount in place. I leveled the motor and got it perfect in the truck. then i layed a piece of cardboard with a flat side against the plate bolted to the engine and traced the angle and outline of the cross pieces. Super simple. Then i tacked em in place took them off welded them fully and bolted back in.

passenger side

Drivers side

Next i made the throttle linkage, hooked up the power steering pressure and return, and connected the stock 6.0 fuel lines to the cummins fuel lines. Im using the stock ford fuel pump.

after that i got rained out so i built my harness and found some hot wires with the key on for the elec. fans, FSS, And grid heater relay.
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Yeah those mounts are super easy i dont see what the fuss is over making your own? I guess if you don't have a welder it would suck. I can't wait to drive it! i am waiting on my downpipe and exhaust elbow to come in and it feels like forever.
So i was finishing up my elec. stuff today got the fans all wired in and fss done. What about cruise control has anyone actually put it on the 12v? Ive been looking through tons of forums and such trying to figure it out. I went to the dealer to see if they could help me out nada. Ive got a CC unit out of an 03 f-150 and wiring connector. I found out that the superduty and f-150, ex's and others all use the same factory 10 pin connector. any help would be awesome.
Dang the main reason why i am asking is because i have about a 18 hours trip ahead of me in 2 weeks or so. It would be a pain to drive the whole way with no cruise. ecspecially if the wife has to drive a little bit of the way.
Its cool man i just wish i could this this thing finished and get it ready for the trip. Does anyone have access to alldata or anything?
Awesome thanks for the help yall i really appericate it.
So i tried to tie my cruise in this morning. Turns out its pretty much impossible without taking the harness apart and out of the truck i guess the buttons ground and there is about 7 grounds on the pcm plug in!! great!!
Yeah i called destroked and they were pretty much no help at all. I did find the pcm pin out for the first connection. i know i use 9, 24, 31, 35, what other do yall think. Anyone have a clue what 33 is?

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The idi's used a vacuum servo and a small brain box.
Actually i think figured it out. I finally found the pin out for the ford cruise control connector.

The first number is going to be the CC pin number and the second is the ECM pin number. So that means 1-9, 3-35, 4-18 (& 36 because its a 6 speed), 5-31, 6-??? 24??? possibly a ground , 7-H.I.R., 9-28, 10-Grnd
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Ok so i put my downpipe together this morning and drove the thing around. I cant get any more boost than 2 psi. And when it hit about 2.5 psi it bogs down and blows white smoke?? The only mod is the afc housing is slide and that was by accident. Also i am not running a wastegate actuator. mine was broke so i took it off and wired the little arm that comes off the housing in the up position? My turbo is flipped. I really dont know to much about these motors. Any help or pointers. ive read the tech. articles but that really doesnt help me to much sorry.
I think i wired it shut but ill check on that when i get home. I can floor it and it runs great then bam it shuts down and pours white. Also what does the motor do when it defuels at 2200 rpm and what does it do at 2800 rpm that is stock cut out right?

JP are you messing with the cruise control this weekend still?
Ok guys the cruise control works in my truck now. like a champ:thumbsup Now i am moving onto the a/c. I kept all the wiring for the a/c but it is not working. I think it worked for a few seconds on the first start up but i am not sure. I checked the a/c clutch fuse it was good. Is there a relay? And would not haveing enough air across the condenser cause it to cut off? The blower fan workes and all fan controls/climate controls work. Is there a trick to getting this to work. I have the 6.0 compressor and didn't disconnect any hoses during my swap. Thanks for any help.
Yeah cruise was easy it hooked up just the way i have it listed on page three. So i have to have the tach for the a/c to work. Does it send a pulse signal or something or can i just wire it to a Power when key on source and make it work? My coolant temp sensor works fine it shows up on my dash and my livewire unit. Thanks for the help JP you got the cruise in and a/c working in your truck?
Cool well i guess i need to gather up some extra cash and get my tach kit. Do you know of any way to get around the a/c thing. It may be awhile before i can get the tach kit. Can i bypass that all together? Do you know where the relay is for the clutch. Where in la in i live in lake charles. Thanks for the help once again
Im gonna try something because its getting too hot to roll around with no a/c. Well thats what the wife says anyways.
It does suck i hate when you work outside and by lunch you need a shower and a change of clothes becase you are soaking wet. I hate it when your boots get so sweaty you can dumped em out. But yeah i guess i am use to it ive been in it for 25 years. Still cant figure out the a/c nothing i try is working. I have power for the a/c comming into the ecm but can't get nothing out i guess that is why it takes a tach signal to send power out of the ecm to the a/c clutch. oh and there is no a/c relay it is all controlled by the ecm i went to ford and talked to the diesel tech. The ecm even reads voltage comming and going to the a/c system crazy.
Just wanted to give a little update. I have put about 6k miles on the truck since the swap and everthing is working great! I recemtly did a 4gsk, exhaust springs, and headstuds. I am waiting on my clutch from south bend to come in before i build my compound turbo setup. i am gonna do a s475 over a hx35. and i will be running sdx 5x14 injectors. and bbd delivery valves. i think it will be a fun ride. Also i did get the cruise control working and the grid heater to work also.
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