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04 F-350 12v

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So i started pulling the motor about a week ago and i just about finished it up today. Here are some pics.

Starting to pull it out.


New to me 12v with 143k

Then i cleaned the motor did away with the stock lifter pump and other things. Built the alt and a/c mounts.

Next i was thinking about taking my power steering lines apart and bringing them to a shop to have new ones made. But after looking at them i didn't need to get new ones made after all. The factory dodge has the same fitting as the ford line at the hydro boost.

I took that line off and put thedodge one in its place.

I just had to straighten out the line a lil bit and it fit great.

Next i got the flywheel from a friend and got the bearing put in by a machine shop. I called south bend clutch and the man that handles all the engine swap stuff told me this is exactly what they do. It is a 6205 bearing and just about any bearing shop or oreilly's has it. At oreilly's its more expensive and the part# number is a 205FF.

Finally my adapter plate came in from destroked and i was able to drop the motor in place.

Ill get more pics and update tommorrow im tired and ready for bed!!! Let me know what yall think.
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wish i could help ya out on this one but ive have yet to do the cruise on mine, that one of many projects this winter
i have all data, ill see what i can figure out for ya
i couldnt find much useful on alldata..wish i had time to put cruise on mine to try and help ya out!
well im guna look for a control module and see if i can rig it up one of these weekends. and if ya get urs figured out dont hold out on us!!!!!
havent had time yet!! not enough time in the day anymore!
do u have a tach hooked up yet, if you dont thats why...also coolant temp sensor wire disconnected kept mine from working
a/c yes, cruise not yet. got sent to louisiana before i could work on that..yes the computer needs to see a tach signal for the a/c to work.. i had the same prob when i first did mine, hooked the tach up and the a/c kicked on instantly!!!
u would have to some how get some kind of tach sig to the ecm, it wont read correctly but might be enough to get the a/c to work, you could just try and use the dodge crank sensor for now...... im in thibodaux right now, working on pipeline
im with her! LOL i dont know how ya handle this heat down here! never sweated so much in my life before!
1 - 9 of 52 Posts
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