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I have an 05 f350 that had a fire in the cab with just over 100k. i bought the whole truck and sold the bed then junked the cab nothing else was burnt ecxept the interior but the wiring harness is no good. The plan was to take my 64 f100 body and put it on the 05 chassis. Things changed no time no money just trying to get some back. I will sell the whole roller for 6k obo. I am willing to part out but I want to know the engine and tranny both are sold either individually or seperatly before i start taking it apart. If it does get parted out don't bother asking about the axles i'm going to keep them for a future project. The cab in the pictures is not included but I have that complete 64 f100 in pieces which I am going to sell if interested

whole thing 6500 obo

engine 3200 obo

tranny 1100 obo

I will sell together make an offer
I will sell everything else once i know the engine and tranny are sold so if there is something you want pm me and i will sell in the order they are recieved

Any questions call chris, 781-389-2293
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