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08 swap?

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Is anyone making a kit to swap a 5.9 into and 08 superduty? I know destroked and ford cummins makes the kits but i can find anything for and 08. I've found a clean truck with a bad motor and i have the 5.9 just can't find a kit.
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None taken, it just takes a team to build something like that.
Now that i'm am finally able to get going on this project after finishing the chummins, I'm just wondering what turbo's you are using for your twins? The motor is a 96 and is being built as I write this. So everything will be fresh with a little extra, I'm also modding the pump but i'm not sure how far i'll go. Twins may be a ways down the road as I still need to see how the tranny holds up to it's new found torque. Thanks in advance.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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