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12v in a ford

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i wanted to know if you guys could help me out. i want to put a 12v in my 1983 ford f250 4x4 but how hard is it to do and what will i have to mod?
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First a word of caution, I have not done one. You can talk to Destroked they make kits to do it.
Is it a manual or auto? Using a Manual tranny would make it alot easier.

Its not that bad, you just have to set your mind to it.

And Yes Scott @ Destroked is a great fellow, they got some adapter plates...etc
its a 4 speed manual. thought about getting a 5 speed out of a newer ford
its an pretty easy swap if ya got time and some mechanical abiltys
but could i keep my 4 speed? would would i have to change?
Lookin forward to readin up on some of this myself, although i have a 95f150 2wd, is it much dieerent from the 250 4x4 the OP wants to do besides suspension? Would modifications need to be made to the suspension? I was lookin into either a 2nd gen 12v or a CR. sorry for the hijack
Cummins put a lot of 4bts into Grumman P30 Step vans and the like in the 1980's in their repower program for Ford engine packages like the original worn out 300 sixes. As a result you can get Cummins adaptors to Ford small block bell housings and use a small block Ford, eg. 351 clutch package and flywheel. They are out there and work with the 6bt with the straight six engine stands and mounts. , has all you want to know about this and more. 4bts and 6bts into a Ford are about the easiest swap.

That's about the cheapest route.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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