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12v time!! phase 2!!!

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well after 25,000 trouble free miles, i figure its time to give the fummins a little tlc...
what i have in store for it..
P&P head, ARP head studs, all new gaskets, Diesel Pros Killer B cam, quickspool manifold, and everything i can do to make it look as clean and stock as possible!! startin to rip it apart this wednesday, just waitin on a few more pics and progress coming soon!!
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Looks great!!
Snow is great!!!
Guna have a 1 piece drive shaft made
next week too!!
Snow is great!!!

Can we get back to the truck yet?

The stuff finally is almost all the way off my hands. One or two more days and it should all be gone :gaah
Looking good Jason and Bill. Bill it sounds like Jason owes you alot of beers!!! :happymugs
Im going to start adding up the bill to send him.. :haha

Nah, Its a good time. Jason's a good chit. He actually does stuff when helping unlike most others i "help"(aka do it all and watch them stand there)
LOL i have done the watch and work thing a few times..... but i didnt know WTF i was doing, and my cousin changed my wheel bearings and axel u-joints... just too crowded for two lol

Looks awesome man when you gona start churning them babys out for sale? :beer LOL
we will be back at it full force tuesday, tomorrow im guna get the drive shaft made and a few other little things but mostly relax and sleep to hopefully get rid of this cold i brought home with me!
thats looking saweet! good work.
Dang it I want to por 15 my frame and axles now. That all looks great.
well startd prep for spray-on liner today, bumpers off and apart. also got dash kit for dvd player and got the new drive shaft!!!!

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all sprayed on!

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:rock. Sorry i didnt get out there at all to lend a hand. Still sick as a dog. Working out in the cold yesterday didnt help any!
no prob bill, i didnt even start workin on it till wednesday cause i was sick too
gettin there. when's it gonna be done?

finished the insides of the doors and rockers...

tomorrow im finishing the interior hopefully
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80grit sandpaper and alota time!!!
well interior is just about back together and cleaned up, gota wire up the new heated seat covers....then i gota finish paintin the new ic pipes and install them and tighten and tie up a couple things..then out the door for a heat cycle and test drive to make sure everything is ok.....then i leave for florida for a week soo it will be on hold for another week before i really can drive it again!!! ill be makin drive shaft loops, aux fuel tank, and trac bars when i get back from florida!!!
out the door and runnign still not 100% complete

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lookin good Jay. im really wanting to do mine already.

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