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Hello all, Looking for a little help with my old W900A. It has a great running 1693 Cat in it. It originally started out as a 325 HP version but has had a T1810 turbo swapped on at some point and the fuel turned up to about 425HP. Currently get about 4 MPG running way too heavy and plenty fast when empty. Being a 325HP version, it has no aftercooler so I have to back out of it a little when the outside air temp gets warm. I have searched for the past few years for a factory JWAC to no avail.

This winter I would like to add an intercooler in front of the radiator. What is the best way to go about doing this on a W900A? Would a W900B cooler stack fit in? I currently have a center outlet bottom radiator tank - did W900B's ever come like this? I currently have a 1200 square inch radiator and would like to step up to a 1400 square in radiator in the process otherwise I would have enough room to fit an intercooler around the sides of my current radiator...

What kind of results can I expect? Any better fuel mileage? How much reduction in EGT's? Enough to be worthwhile? Will it take me from 1000° to 800°?

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