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1969 Ford Cummins Crew Cab Conversion...

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Hey Guys....

Well this is all bad..... I guess the only thing to do now is start re-posting pics of the build!

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I have a 69 crew cab long bed that I am also planning to biuld when I get home. I plan to go bigger with everything but you are still giving me some good ideas.
Like a DT360, 466, or Ford 6.6? :happydance

Funny you should mention those engines. :D
I do not remeber, but did you have to do anything to your fire wall for the engine to fit?
Enjoy this biuld for me as well. I just had to cut lose my 67 Ford crew cab. I was planning a similar biuld long before I noticed this thread.
Oh man I know the feeling. I had to devert my efforts to the house and away from my trucks as well. Sorry to hear it.
If you were not on the other side of the country I would cut a deal on it.
The shipping cost from Cali alone will cost way more than I can afford. I have a Cummins ready to drop in it now. I had a 69 crew cab that I was forced to give up. I really want this one so I can go ahead with my plans. If any one has an idea on how I can get it to GA some what affordabley I wold love to hear it.
I have priced shipping smaller vehicles from Cali and they were around $3000. I'l take the shot, but I seriously doubt I will get an affordable price from a shipper.

Can you give me some specs on the truck so I can pass them on to shippers? Is it a complete truck minus the engine? Are there any parts that will not be installed but will be included? I need to know if there is anything lose that the shipper will have to deal with. Are you leaving the same running gear under it? And finally, what is you asking price? Feel free to shoot me a PM so we can work out the details.
At one time I would have done that.But now with the cost of fuel and my work sand school shcedule that is a no go.
1 - 13 of 614 Posts
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