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1969 Ford Cummins Crew Cab Conversion...

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Hey Guys....

Well this is all bad..... I guess the only thing to do now is start re-posting pics of the build!

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I have a 69 crew cab long bed that I am also planning to biuld when I get home. I plan to go bigger with everything but you are still giving me some good ideas.
Like a DT360, 466, or Ford 6.6? :happydance
How about the 3rd gen mounted upside down, or reverse mount the top turbo to dump exhaust towards the front. Like Powersnorter's DT466 F250 sled puller.
wow...simply wow.

This truck is gonna be a helluva rig when you are done with it.
It's gonna make people run and hide!:eek::rock
Is that a replacement panel, or home made? Sure looks more racey than my stock 67's dash.
When you're ready to build another one, I have a nice one for sale. All paint except drivers fender and hood, is Original 1969. Was at Nevada Test Site when new.

Trade you straight across for my 67 F100.:thumbsup
Just put a cam in it this week. Straight 6 with a choppy idle;)
Do you mean this type of PS pump? The gear driven unit that bolts to the timing case? That's some pretty good flow!
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I have no specs. You're more than welcome to it to experiment. They are hard to sell. If I had a Geo Metro, I'd bring it to you. It was on a 1992 DT466. If I played with it internally, I wouldnt have a way to verify pressure/flow. The Ford 6.6 I'm getting has one of those big ugly ol pumps for hydrobooost already.
That was my concern with a big ol pump on a pickup sized system. A half inch hose fitting, necking down to 3/8" would make it strain, plus with 1000 more rpm than stock....could spell a bad story. Sometimes a kustom piece is so well worth it.
Dag nabbit! This was the best of the conversions.
Thanks for the comps..... if I don't get any reasonable offers by 2012, then I will send her to the wrecking yard.

I'll trade straight across for my 67 F100, and even drive it to you. That's least to me.
How about this for your new plan:
F600, deuce & a half axles, twin turbo DT466, 13 speed.
1 - 12 of 614 Posts
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