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1994 Chevy Silverado C1500 6.5L diesel

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1994 Chevrolet Silverado C1500 6.5 L Diesel AUTO
-290,000 miles
-replaced u joints, front brake lines, ECM, blower motor, turn signal switch, ignition switch, PMD, undercoated the whole bottom of truck, and installed a set of 8000K HID headlights, failry new tires

only rust on the truck is on cab corners and bottom of front fenders (not too bad). also all the aluminum wheel trim is starting to corrode. there are little dings and dents here and there but nothing major. as far as i know this vehicle has never been in an accident.

insterested? call 847-609-4940 and ask for erik or call 847-337-4940 and ask for john

can take pictures if needed

located in mchenry, IL
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I knew this was coming!!!!! :haha :haha Free bump for you.
haha. ya.... gotta give it to ya. you called it.

by the way? dumb question, whats a bump? haha
bump just means to bump it to the top, so here ya go bud

Bump for Erik, needs to sell his 6.5 so he can buy parts for his Cummins LOL
soooooo true aaron. soooo true. need EXHAUST badly!!! hate having a cat and muffler.
fyi... truck is sold.... i got a call like 2 weeks ago on this. lol guess i shoulda put sold on here since its been gone since around feb of 2010
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