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Bit of a long shot here but I'm going to be taking my CDL skills test soon and am running into an issue of my truck not meeting the standards for the test. . Not sure if this only applies to Washington state but according to my state provided CDL study guide the compression check requires that my air governor cut off in the range of 120-140 PSI and for the air test that my parking brake re-engage at approximately 40 PSI. Both have the added note "Or to truck's specifications"

I currently only have access to a 1994 FL-70 for the test but the governor cuts off in the range of 100-110 PSI and I about have to empty the air tank before the parking brake re-engages. I've discussed this with the CDL office and they said they'll only let me test in the truck if it meets their standards or I can prove the truck's specifications list the lower ranges. So my questions would be, first can anyone confirm these ranges for a 1994 FL-70? Second would the owner's manual have this information, and if so where could I acquire a manual? and lastly if I need to get to the DOL's standards is this easily done or would I be looking at costly repairs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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