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1996 International 4700 DT466e Crank no Start

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Hi all. I have a 96 international 4700 in my fleet that's a crank no start. Its been sitting in my lot for months and I've been working on it off and on while tackling other projects. It will fire on starting fluid but will not fire after it has passed through. I've replaced the fuel filter, switched out the pump, replaced the hand primer because it was leaking. I blew air from the tank to the filter when i replaced it and fuel flowed fine. When it went down it was having an issue where the crank relay would fail and leave a driver stranded and shortly after fixing that it died in an intersection and would not start again. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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Are you able to pull any codes from the ecm? Is the ecm getting battery and ignition voltage? High oil pressure pump could have failed. If I remember right if you unplug the 2 pin connector from the solenoid on the pump it will send all the oil pressure it can to the injectors. I've seen timing sensor failures and tone ring failures. Also too much camshaft endplay lets the tone ring move too far away from the sensor. These are just some things that come to mind
The cam sensor on these engines is a common failure item. Its probably well worth replacing. If it fails it may not log any codes. Also give the wires at the cam sensor the "Ten Pound Pull Test". There is a small metal clip on the harness near the connector that clips on a bracket near the sensor. If its missing or not in place the wires can fail from the wind and vibration of many years. Otherwise you need to scan it rather than start changing parts.
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when it stops i'd unscrew the fuel filter cover and see if it's got fuel
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