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New to this forum. Asking for help. Fraser Valley, BC, Canada
Old to me
Any electrical diagrams for "my beast"
Replaced batteries (low voltage was dropping ECM out) 20201106_091739.jpg 20201106_171612.jpg and finally got the old girl going with the help from ether.& a good starter. Also, lots of pumping on the hand plunger. Fuel tanks had been sucked dry.

Am I correct in surmising I don't have all injectors working? How does the glow-plug circuit work?
Once it was warmed up...tried to go....ECM wouldn't let it. Shut er down & restarted...(reset ECM I guess) & away I went.
Runs real rough....Next day won't start again...turns over & fires, but won't stay running.
Need some advise, from folks that know!!
Drew (y)
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