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2000 E-350 POWERSTROKE! 21 mpg!

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I have for sale, or trade, a 2000 E-350 with the powerstroke motor in it! Just hit 150,000 miles so the motor is barely broken in! Just had the tranny rebuilt by aamco with only a few thousand miles on it. It's an extended van with the xlt package so it offers a back seat, power windows, power mirrors, powers locks, keyless entry, CD player, tweeter's on the door. Has a wall behind the rear seat with 8ft of cargo space in the back. Has a 4500 watt inverter in the back with separate AC/heat in the back. Tires and brakes are close to new, not a lot of miles on them. Has muffler taken off so it's straight 3.5" pipe all the way back with aftermarket intake. Had the computer retuned through hypermaxx for more power and fuel economy. One of my last fill ups I got 21 mpg and you could probably get more out of it! I currently have the back seat taken out and have a fold down bench for a bed. Very comfortable and great to sleep on.

Bought the van to haul my race bikes in but since I don't ride as much as I used to, I want to get something more functional. I want to get a diesel truck, prefer 4x4 but if its a nice 2x4 then I might be interested. Nothing older then a 94 and either a cummins or powerstroke. Tell me what you got and we can work something out. That's all I can remember about the van, Exterior and interior is virtually flawless. I spent a lot of time cleaning this van up to make it shine! let me know if you have any questions, feel free to call me at 630-669-7530, or email me at [email protected], names dave. Don't hesitate to offer a price, worse I can say is no.

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Willing to deal, need this thing gone, any offers?
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