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2000 Ford F350 DRW 4X4 6 Speed 128k Miles

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Well, I hate to do this but I'm going to have to put my truck up for sale. Got a good deal on a 2009 and had to make the move. Tough to give up the 6 Speed and Lariat, but time marches on.

2000 F350



Crew Cab

6 Speed

Lariat - Leather Woodgrain

White with Beige Strip

128k miles

I bought this truck with about 72k on it. Woman owned from NH. Since then I have used it to haul my boat back and forth to the ramp about 7-8 weekends/year. The ramp is 5 miles from my house. The rest of the mileage is back and forth to work for me and highway mileage traveling to North Carolina.

I have ALL receipts since then including FUEL - I fill up at a high volume Shell Truck Stop across from my office. I keep the receipt and box top for all oil changes.

In the last year I put two new front brake calipers and pads on it and 6 new tires - Bridgetone TA. Both batteries were replaced in the last 12 months as well. Roughly 2 years ago I got a grinding noise from the front of the truck. I assumed it was the wheel bearings so I replaced the entire hub (only then did I realize the mud flap was rubbing on tight turns). Rear Calipers and pads were also changed over the last couple years, but the exact timing escapes me.

Truck has Gooseneck Hitch in Bed. Prior owner had installed a Banks Chip, Wastegate and Exhaust Brake, as well as Airbags. The bags are broken from age so I can not tell you whether or not the Airbag system is salvageable - I have never messed with it.

Pillar gauges monitor Boost and EGT's.

Tekonsha Brake Controller

Pushbutton 4X4 - I lock the hubs manually and do not assume the Vaccum Hubs work.

XM Radio is built into the truck.

The Front of the Truck bed is bowed from where the prior owner forgot to set the brake and the truck slid into the trailer.

No Accidents, but the dually fenders do have small cracks on the backsides of them.

Oasis Report available upon request.

Truck is always warmed up before driven anywhere; I start it in the morning and then go in and get dressed for work and get my son dressed.

Couple small problems - Right Front Parking Lamp is out. Small leak from fuel bowl drain. Guzzle has a repair kit for $20 bucks. Pop in lights in the dually fenders are starting to pop out - these can be bought on ebay for next to nothing.

No smoke on start up unless it is VERY cold (teens or low 20's). Then it is just a one second puff of blue smoke.

$15k - obo. If I'm way out of line here somebody please correct me, but I feel like this is a median asking price considering what else is out there.

PM or email - eric.ancarrow (at)

Clean VA Title - located in Newport News, VA

Full Disclosure - The photo I have attached was taken when I bought the truck. I will get current photos this weekend and post them.


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