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Have a 2000 international 466e 4900.
When it gets to 35, warn engine light comes on and it won't accelerate. It don't stall. Shut it off and reset, but once it gets to about 35, it continues to do it. Have had 3 different "mechanics " put it on their scanners. We'll change whatever sensor they tell us with no results. Here is a list of parts relaced
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Relaced 2 bad injectors and all news seals
Oil sending unit
Oil pressure unit
Accelerator pedal and position sensor
O rings in fuel line
Wiring harness
Changed oil/filter.
Is there relays that could be bad?

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What codes were they getting with the scan tool ? Low fuel pressure codes? Without knowing what codes they pulled i would suspect low fuel pressure . I beleive there is a small screen filter by the primer pump , make sure it is clean , could also possibly be a fuel pressure regulator . The fuel pressure reg is mounted on the back of the cyl head and has a plastic fuel line that returns to the fuel tank . Once again without knowing what codes they pulled this is just guessing , Bob
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