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Superchips 2705 Max MicroTuner - 01-03 GM Truck 6.6L Duramax Diesel -Part Number 2705

SUPERCHIPS introduces their part number 2705 Max MicroTuners for GM Duramax diesel powered pickups that feature three different tuning options.

Dubbed the TriTune Max MicroTuners, these SUPERCHIPS models allow the end user to custom tailor his desired performance level to the specific driving task at hand.

Top that off with Superchips’ exclusive DTC...Diagnostic Trouble Code notification. Only Superchips new MAX MicroTuners can read the diagnostic codes, display them and let you see what the problem is.

Level 3-Non-towing Application:
+95 HP, +155 ft/lb Torque

Level 2-Towing up to 6,000 lbs
+70 HP, +120 ft/lb Torque

Level 1-Towing up to the vehicle manufacturer's specified maximum weight limit
+55 HP, +90 ft/lb Torque


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