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2002 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Extended Cab Short Bed LT 4x4 Cab, Bed and Chassis for Sale. Less than 58,000 miles.

I have a complete 2500HD Duramax pickup for sale minus the Engine, Transmission and Torque Converter.

It pains me to sell this, but I am in the middle of a large business venture and have absolutely no time to finish the engine build for this truck. I don’t even have enough time to get the things done for the company that I need to do. I’m working until 1am most nights and don’t have much time to spend with the family as is.

About the Truck:
The truck was involved in a minor accident and needs the drivers side mirror and fuel tank with supply and return lines. The driver side front fender and door have a few dents in them and the driver side air bag did deploy but sustained no damage to the interior. Other than that, all it needs is a Duramax engine and transmission and an inspection to be driven. I have receipts for all parts that were replaced with the exception of those items remaining, which includes the mirror and fuel tank.

There is no rust on the truck, body or frame as it has less than 58,000 original miles.
Please feel free to email or call with any questions you may have.
330 323-2683

Delivery options and arrangements are available.

Included Options:
Tan leather interior
Heated Driver and Passenger Seats
Memory Drivers and Passenger Seats
Suspension Stops
On Star
Spring Clamps
Digital Compass
Kill Switch
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
5” Chrome Stack
Push Button 4x4
Front Bumper Cover
Rear Window Defroster
Power Windows
Power Locks
Center Console
Privacy Glass
Front Weight Bracket
Bed Tarp
Spare Front AAM Axle differential
Traction Bars
315/75/16 AT Tires
Rancho RSX 9000 Adjustable Shocks
U-Joint Shields
Drive Shaft Loops
Limited Slip Rear Differential

Included with the Truck:
Virtually every item except for the engine and transmission including but not limited to:

Water Pump
Windshield Washer Reservoir
Engine Harness
Power Steering Pump
Transmission Harness
Intercooler Pipes
Radiator Plumbing
Coolant Bottle
Oil/Transmission Cooler
Fuse Box
Aix Box Assembly
Air Intake Assembly
Transmission Plumbing
Turbo Intake Assembly
Exhaust Components
Front Bumper
Plus much more…

Asking $5,400 negotiation able

Please feel free to email or give me a call with any questions you may have. With the exeption of the drivers fender having a few dings and the need for a mirror and fuel tank, this truck and chassis are in very good condition with very low miles. As I stated above, delievery options are available.

Please note that the pictures show the front fensers with the factory fender flares removed, they are included with the truck. I removed them when I washed and waxed it.

Thanks everyone,


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I will include the Stage 3 ATS Transmission, Triple Disk Convertor and Co-Pilot for $1500.
$6900 for the truck, transmission and TC.

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Yes, the driver air bad was deployed. No interior damage was suffered.

All ball joints were replaced along with the driver side tie rod end and driver side CV axle shaft were replaced. I have all receipts for the parts.
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