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2004 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4
Kore Leveling Kit Install​

This is on a Third Generation Dodge 4x4.
The kit basically is a set of new, re-engineered springs, (2) Bilstien 5100 shocks and new bump stops.
(2) rear shocks were seperately purchased from Kore.
This specific kit is no longer available but this article can be
used as a guide to install many of the components or other brand components.​

Before Pic...

The first step is to block the rear wheels and apply the emergency brake and
chock the wheels.

Place jack stands just behind the axle links by jacking under the center of the front axle,to the left of the pumpkin (on the axle tube) with a floor jack.

Remove the wheels.

At this point it's extremely important to remove certain components BEFORE lowering the axle with the floor jack.

Remove both stabilizer bar links at the top... use a wrench below the bushing to minimize torque on the small ball joint.

Remove the top front shock nuts from under the hood.

Remove the lower shock mount bolts.

Lower the axle taking care not to stress the brake lines.
Optionally you can unbolt the line retainer bracket but I was careful and didn't have a problem.

Remove the springs.

I found out later that I had to remove the passenger side track bar bolt because the right side would not drop low enough without removing it.​

Here are the new springs next to the old ones....

Load the factory rubber damper ring and a steel retainer ring on the new springs.
Be sure to install the springs on the correct side. They are marked.​

Replace the old bumpstops with the new longer ones.
Wet the new ones a little to help them slip in.​

Some miscellaneous pictures.

Reinstall everything in the reverse order of disassembly
If the track bar bolt doesn't line up turn the steering wheel some.​


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