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First post here so be gentle!

2004 late build 6.0, just drove it 2000 miles on a fishing trip, and the day after I got back this started. Went out to get a movie and about 2 miles down the road it just quit/died, coasted to a stop, put it in park and it fired back up. However, as soon as I touch the throttle it dies, sometimes when I lift my foot it will re-fire but other times I have to go to neutral and hit the starter. After a couple weeks of tinkering with it I am still at square 1, It will run ok until its warm then it dies. here are the AE readings at idle.

ICP volts: 0.85
IPR: 22-23%
FICM in:12v
FICM out: 48v (58 Volt Sinister, reads 58v output on the FICM itself)
ICP press: 580-600
FICM sync: yes
Cam/Crank sync: yes and no (goes in and out but never loses FICM sync)
Fuel Press: 72 idle 68 WOT

I have an EGR delete, FASS 150 system, 58v sinister FICM, Coolant filter, Bulletproof Diesel Oil cooler relocation kit, SCT ITSX tuner (returned to stock), Gryphon FICM programmer (returned to stock), AFE intake.

I have replaced: all 3 fuel filters and checked for water, bubbles and filling of the housing with KOEO. New cam position sensor and pigtail. New ICP and pigtail. Batteries test good. wiggled wires but cannot duplicate the stall.

all of the above readings look normal up to WOT on the AE, but i need to graph it instead of just the digital readout.

I am going to run a graph to try and see what happens first to cause the stall tonight, but in the mean time can someone point me in a new direction? I am not so sure about the cam/crank sync going in and out, I have a new crank sensor but rpms are steady and it does not seem to bother it while just idling. One weird thing that does happen, sometimes when I get it started it will kind of run slowly then jump up to idle. Also, twice now when it died, I lost all syncs and had to unplug the ECM and plug it back in to reset them, then started back up. I am so lost. please help!![/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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So no fault codes at all ?

Check + clean all battery cable ground points if not already done.

Could be engine wiring harness chaffing issue.

All the values given show a healthy high pressure oil system, however, that doesn't mean all is good, as your truck runs ok until warm could indicate a loose connection or oring failing somewhere in the hp oil system.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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