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2004 f350 crew cab 4x4 6 speed 12v

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Well my vehicle is up for sale. My wife is tired of driving it daily so we are looking at getting her an automatic 4 door jeep wrangler. It is a 2004 f-350 4x4 XL crew cab short bed model with 131,xxx miles. It has the zf6 transmission and 4.10 gears from the factory. The 6.0 quit at 111k so I replaced it with a 96 12v Cummins. The donor truck only had 144k on the clock when I bought it. All fluids were changed 3500 miles ago when I added the “Performance upgrades” to get ready for twins this thanksgiving. I have installed a he351cw turbo set at 37 psi, 4gsk, reset timing to 17*, Tork Tech. OFV, and I am running no plate. Turbo, clutch, 4 gsk, OFV, and timing have been done within 3500 miles. It has the destroked adapter and tach kit on it. I built my own motor mounts out of 5/16 plate they utilize 1st gen motor mounts. I am also using the ford 6.0 alternator with my own mount. The dodge a/c works great really does blow ice cold. The cruise control works flawlessly and the transmission and tcase (high and low) both shift easily and smooth. It has a south bend clutch kit 32506 with new Cummins flywheel (3500 miles). It does rattle a little bit until about 1600 rpms and only when under heavy load and not at idle. It also has a BDS Leveling kit with 35x12.5x17 Nitto Trail Grappler (70% tread) on XD series hostage wheels. Leveling kit, wheels, tires only have about 15k on them. It has a B&W turnover ball gooseneck hitch installed, used a few times. I also put an external fuel tank (45 gal) and auxiliary 2 micron wix fuel/ water separator system on it to make sure everything is clean. It has a Glowshift 3 in 1, pyro, boost, and fuel pressure gauge installed. My wife was pregnant at the time and she had to have to the grab handle to get in the truck. It has a manual grid heater setup on it and will start in single digits with no problems. Along with the manual grid heater it has a manual FSS on it. It has all linkage and wiring to put the electric FSS back on it are present under the hood. We were traveling and the brand new one with about 5k on it quit so I made one from a PTO cable from Oreilly’s. My wife likes the manual shutoff so I left it installed. I have slid the motor back about 2.5 inches to accommodate the stock fan and fan clutch. Therefore I had a one piece driveshaft built for the truck. It does have a few things that I think the next owner should know about. The t case has a drip from the front input shaft seal. I was going to replace it when I did the clutch, but the dealership ordered the incorrect one and no one had one local to me. The oil pan gasket has a small leak coming from the driver’s side of the truck. The pass side small blind spot mirror is cracked but is still usable. There is a ¼” tear in the driver’s seat not on the seam and it is very small. The inside of the bed has some scratches and the outside of the truck has a few light scratches as well but nothing major at all. It has a scratch on the back pass window from a tree branch and it is missing the back tailgate strip cover. Other than that the truck is in great shape, no major tears in the seats and everything works fine. I will take pictures of the damaged areas. These seats are ridiculously comfortable and we love them! My wife drives this truck daily with our kids so if it wasn’t right she wouldn’t be driving it. Truck has consistently gotten 17-21 depending on the mix of city/highway driving. It also comes with a brand new genuine cummins head gasket set, snap on tool timing set, Tork Tech. valve spring tool, 60lb exhaust springs, and a TH08A64 turbo (0 shaft play). I was planning on doing a twin turbo setup over thanksgiving. I started collecting parts and was going to pull the motor, regasket, paint the engine, and install 60lb springs and head studs. That is why I did not do the 60lb exhaust springs yet. I have a folder of receipts for lifetime warranty parts that goes with it as well. Along with extra fuel filters and oil filter. This truck is adult owned and built. My wife drives it harder than I do because she likes the sound of the 12v. Kbb and nada say 18.5-19 for retail so I am asking 16,500 OBO for this truck. No trades. Title in hand. I will deliver within 200 miles. Email txt or call 337-570-753eight, [email protected] My name is Marcus.

(Iguess I didnt get the engine pics when I uploaded the rest so ill get them when I get home tonight)

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motor pics and some damaged area pics are up. The fan and shroud are off because i just changed the belt and tensioner its easier for me to do it that way

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Located Tulsa ok
Sale pending
Man I wish I was closer! Good luck, hope it works out
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