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2004 Lariat

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Not real excited about doing this, but I need to put the truck up for sale. Truck has been babied and meticulously taken care of since I bought it new. It runs perfectly with no issues at all. This truck gets looks and compliments everywhere it goes. Rather than try to list everything and add more pictures you can see everything in this thread.....

....or look in my sig.

I will add a bit more to that thread to catch up on a few more mods. I am asking $28k obo. The title is clear. Feel free to ask any questions. Please PM me to get my attention.
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Price adjusted to sell at $22.5K. More than twice that invested. Truck is a serious hauler. Needs a good home.
Getting a lot of views, but no offers. Really guys....there is nothing out there that will compare to this truck. Check the link for yourself. Very solid truck with no issues.
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