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Hello! My dt466 quit on me and I was able to get it home by refilling the fuel filter several times. Primed it and it ran until the fuel in the filter was gone. Worked on It all day troubleshooting. Took the line off the lift pump and put it in a bucket of diesel and it ran fine. Finally found that the o ring on the line from the tank wasn’t sitting well in the place it goes in the fuel filter housing by apply Teflon around the oring to give it a better seal and kaboom… it’s running. I got to the store and get a replacement o ring and put it on and reprime everything and whatnot and it won’t start. Even did the bucket trick again and still no start! Only codes I have are passive ac codes. Any ideas on what’s wrong?
I had the same issue with an 07 DT466 in a 4300 a few years back. The problem is the injector seals. They leak allowing your fuel prime to be lost. Mine deteriorated quickly and would run only a few minutes. If I primed the system she’d fire up again. Do yourself a favr and change the HPOP manifold seals & ALL 6 injector seal kits. The seal kits for injectors are sold separately from injectors, thank God!
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