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2005 Ram 3500 SLT questions

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I'm looking at going to see a 2005 Ram 3500 SLT quad cab 4x4 DRW with 6 speed manual transmission. It has 272,000 miles and they're asking nearly $14,000. It is at a dealership so I'm counting on some negotiation because is only KBB at $10,000. I'm just wondering what kind of problems you guys are having so i can keep my eyes open. Also what kind of MPG are yall gettin? My dad has an 04 2500 with the cummins and 4 speed auto so i already know about the engine and a little bit about the handling and comfort, but I'm looking at a one ton DRW so i know some of it's going to be different. Please hurry cause i know this truck wont last long. Any help is appreciated.
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What some people may not know that the Cummins use grid heaters rather than glow plugs. shareit apk vidmate app
There was a 2005 with 248K miles in lewiston id sold for $24k 'bout a month ago

I just bought a 2005 with 199k miles for $15500 immaculate truck, black leather seats interior perfect like new, white color with 2015 aluminum rims on it, nice paint, very clean , always dealer maintained at a small dodge dealer. Maintenance Records for everything. It was the Dealerships owners cousin truck

I see alot of junky unmaintained , in need of repair 2nd gen trucks for $13-14-15-16K etc. People thing their POS junk is Gold
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