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2006 6.0 Transmission Problem

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Started the truck up this morning and let it warm up. Went to pull out and shifted into drive and it went into drive but when I stepped on the accelerator it would just rev up. I have a monitor on it and on the monitor it shows it going up into gear 1 2 3... but the truck is not moving. The Monitor is not showing any codes. Also tried to put it in reverse and same thing and tried putting it in 4x4 and still nothing. Any help is appreciated.
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Same thing happened to me. Going down the road a 70mph when my rpms when high like the excursion was shifted into neutral so I let off the gas. When I put my foot on the accelerator again the truck must have shifted into 1st like you said and everything went dead as my rear tire locked up. The fan clutch pigtail looks just like yours

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