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Have a 08 f250 kr spartan tuned for 48000 mile not one issue. Been running the 310 since release. In December I wanted to swap to 210 for a little towing. Loaded tune and wouldnt even crank over. Cleared dtcs (p0231, d1000) and it would crank but no start.

Got with Mick and updated dashdaq got new tunes put 310 back on and fires right up. Said tp hell with it. Drove just fine till today.

Got back from 500 mile trip was low in fuel. Filled up cranked longer than usual then fired up. Made it 10' and died. Would not fire again. Reloaded tune and cranks bout 6 sec or so fires up then dies again. Only way to get it to do this again is reload tune or disconnect battery.

Replaced filters and nothing. Don't hear fuel pump coming on. No fuel coming out of schrader valve either. Seem like just starting in fuel in top filter bowl.

Sounds like the lift pump???? Not one issue before today
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