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For sale

2008 XLT SILVER F250 with less than 18,000 miles. 35,000 OBO

The truck is tinted all the way around with 5percent and the windshield has a banner too. It has new 22inch XD HOSS rims with less than 2,000 miles on them.

The truck is spartan tuned and runs strong. I have all stock parts. It has spartan 275, 150, 75.

I have only towed something with this truck twice. I do not use the truck for work. I just cruise it. Interior is cloth and in VERY good condition. Outside of the truck is in very good condition too.

I can get you financed thru my buddys dealer ship and you could trade in your current car if he wants it.

Here is a crap photo. If your very interested email me [email protected] I will give you better high resolutions pictures.
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