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2008 LMM/Banks Dyno Results

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Slick put down 381/833 on a Mustang Chassis Dyno today at D&G Dyno Tune in Hennessey, OK.

EconoMind on 6 with the trans in 5th.
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Thats awesome Josh! How did Chum do?
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Is the transmission on Slick stock?
Is the transmission on Slick stock?
:thinking :imok :thinking :imok :thinking
Yeah Robert. I don't know how I missed your question. I haven't touched Slick's Allison yet. I'm still working small parts for the Allison going in Chum. Okay, not really small parts. I still need to find a 261 transfer case.
You put down 381/833 on the stock Allison, WoW! I'm impressed. :happymugs
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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