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H.O. Cummins
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2010 All Texas Mopar planning
It's been 3 years since Capital City hosted the event and this year will be a memorable event as was the last one.

Save the date(s)
September 18th AND possibly 19th.
Location: Buda, Tx (just south of Austin near Cabella's)
Open to anything MOPAR powered vehicle regardless of the year! Yes, that is right, Classics & Modern Mopars all together!

Sept 18th activities:

* Live band
* Dyno runs
* Hands on a MOPAR. Huh???!!
o So that one takes some explaining. What is the one rule you always have at a car show?


o Well we are breaking that rule for our special invitees. We are inviting folks from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired who have never been included in car shows for the very reason that they do not get to touch the car. Imagine how happy they will be to experience a car show for the first time. We hope to make that come true and so far it looks like it will! We will have an area set aside for them to touch the vehicles in that area. If you would like to offer your car for that area, please contact me and provide the model so that we can manage the assortment of cars.

ART, formerly known as American Racing Tech, in Buda (Dave Weaver) will be the Primary Event sponsor! In addition to providing the facility and property, they will also provide dyno runs at a reduced rate.

Additional sponsors include Inertia Motorsports who will provide some go fast goodies and others who have yet to commit.
Longhorn Collision has signed as a sponsor as well!! They did a great job on painting and installing the Grip stuff on Killshots Charger

That's the teaser for now. More details to come.

BeChapman1979 says
Well I am in charge of the Truck aspect of things. So if you live in Texas or was once a Texas resident and want to attend let me know. I also need to work on vendor involvement as well

more details to come but this has the possibility of a mass Mopar gathering in Texas

Its a great cause for the kids and a great cause for the Dodge diesel members to get together and meet. I've been put in charge of the truck aspect and i want to make this a memorable moment for these kids and other mopar enthusiast as well


H.O. Cummins
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Time is almost here. A couple days away and a lot going on for this weekend

Register at and lets make this a hell of a event for the kids. All proceeds benefit the Texas School for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Hope to see yall there

PM me with questions


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