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2010 Freightliner M2 106 w/cummins 8.3l ISC and Allison 3000HS
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I have a 2010 M2 Freightliner with a 6 speed allison and an 8.3L ISC cummins with no DEF. It is a 4 door cab and chassis truck nothing else special about it. I replaced the head gasket a while ago due to some unexplained loss of coolant and as far as I can tell that issue has gone away, it has about 280k miles on it. I have a Scangauge D plugged in and it has been detecting some faults that do not turn on the check engine light or otherwise cause any noticeable issues. I also cannot find the Fault ID the Scangauge lists in any manual or code list and was hoping if I listed them here someone may be able to help. Also I don't believe I have seen any of them more than once and if I have twice at the most. I don't drive this truck very much and have only put about 250 miles on it since the gasket job so not sure if it is something new with these codes or something related to the work that was previously done.
The Codes Are:
18 (14)
7304 (9)
4096 (00)
-F711 (00)
1 (??)

None of those are typo's those are the exact ID fault codes from the Scangauge D monitor. The only one I did not take a snapshot of was the last one which showed and ID of 1 but I do not remember the FM number.
I would appreciate any feed back on this if you have anything. My initial thought is I have a ground issue possibly with the ECM, BCM or TCM.
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