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For the first time DP-tuner will be offering a special rate for the first 10 people with more then stock modifications to receive CP testing on their 7.3l during their live tuning session with Jody.

The first 10 people to sign up will receive $200 off the cost of CP testing. Regular pricing is $850. Regular live tuning cost is not included. Limit 2 per live tuning trip.

*Liability disclaimer must be signed prior to the CP testing.
*Payments for live tuning and CP testing must be paid in advance.
* CP testing will be over a 2 day period before or after the regular scheduled live tuning event you are signed up for.
* All copyright data will be transferred to the owner of the truck and will only be distributed at their discretion.
*The truck(s) must have larger then stock injectors, aftermarket turbo, or modified HPOP to qualify.

If you have any further questions or want to sign up for this special offer please call us at 828-221-0076.

Many Thanks!
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