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2011 superduty

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Are the 6.7 better than a 6.0 or 6.4?
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The general rule of thumb has always been not to buy first year model anything until the auto manufacturer has had a chance to rectify the boo boo's. After all the problems associated with the Navistar drive chain it seems that FOMOCO went to extremes in an effort to maintain market share. You better believe that heads are going to roll if the Ford orginization looses it's number one spot after a gazillion years on top. Overall this engine seems to be running like a champ and with the exception of the few comments I have read about the new audibles we are not tuned into hearing it seems they came up with a pretty solid drive chain. What concerns me a little is that there is a plutherer of new technologies and high tech electronics at work on this engine. Just take a look in the engine compartment and you get an immediate feel for the plumming and electrical nightmare. No doubt the 6.7 is not a driveway maintinance model. It will be interesting to see how this baby handles the test of time.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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