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Went thru more or less the same thing -30-35psi, etc, etc. replaced my primary filter head (frame mount which may have been leaking a little air in, guess
I will never know now) with a fass 150hd. Had changed fuel lines, went to bottom draw, transfer pump,primer pump, pulled tanks off and cleaned.... Was getting 40-42psi just off idle with fresh filters. Give 'em a couple thousand miles and it would drop from 30 down to 22 or so. Drove me nuts.:gaah And yep my power and mileage would drop like a rock when it got anywhere near that low. Haven't had the fass very long , but so far really like it. It uses a high volume hydraulic filter as a primary. Runs about 17psi to t pump resulting in a little over 50psi up top. My numbers are very similar to yours. Interesting about the 10 micron 1712.
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