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95 kw w900b with 3406b 425 hp. Engine has 75k on overhaul, also has bigger turbo and ceramic manifold.
This truck ran great but has lost boost and of course power.
it would build 32 lbs before and now only 22lbs and that not till 1600. I used to shift at 1500 before this problem.
I will list everything i have done so far.
air filters
primer pump
fuel filters multiple times Cat filters
Intercooler and 2 boots that i found leaking after pressuring up the system.
also replaced afr diaghpram (sp)
all suction lines from tanks to lift pump and line from lift pump to filter and filter to injection pump.
The truck wouldn't make any boost in 3-5 gears and only would make boost starting at 1400 and stop at 1600 in 7-10.
Fuel pressure is 42 at idle and drops to 20 when boost starts.
So i decided to try the socket on the end of the afr under the cover trick. The truck will now make boost and run in 3-5 gears along with a lot of smoke. lol Once in the higher gears it will run up to 1400 and then just like it ran out of fuel or governor came in too soon.
I hope this is enough info.
Is this fuel problem or governor problem.
I put the fuel pressure gauge back on for a trip today.
its' 42 at idle and 38 at cruise speed, but in high gears on the floor loaded it will drop to 20 and stay and then go up to 28-30 for a minute and then back down to 20-24.
I'm assuming fuel pump. Both tanks draw down even so i wouldnt think a pickup is stopped up or has something floating in the tank.
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